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SKU Differences


Runtime license cost per unit:  A runtime license should be purchased for each operating system that is shipped. Runtimes never expire. Review the list of operating system components associated with each SKU below to assist you in making a decision about which is most appropriate for your needs at the Microsoft Embedded website:

General Purpose SKUs

C7P approximately $16
Offers the complete set of components and applications to enable complex consumer and enterprise class devices. C7P SKU can satisfy complex scenarios such as remote desktop connectivity, data sync via Active Sync, web browsing, media playback, email, contact management, and voice communication. It includes a software development kit to allow devices to be customized and extended by end customers. C7P SKU is ideal for many device categories including thin clients, mobile handheld terminals, and industrial automation controllers.

C7E  approximately $12
Provides OEMs with a comprehensive package of operating components to develop a wide variety of general embedded devices.

C6Core approximately $4
Compact Edition 7 does not offer a low cost "Core" SKU, but a Core is still available in CE6. CE6 requires a different version of Visual Studio and Platform Builder than Compact Edition 7.

Vertical SKUs

C7T for Thin Clients- approximately $9
Provides RemoteFX out of the box as well as security technology like Kerberos, CredSSP and NTML technology so that your thin clients are enterprise ready.

C7G for Consumer Set-top box entertainment - aproximately $11
Includes web browsing, media playback and messaging as well as foundational and connectivity technologies necessary for internet devices. These SKUs are ideal for set top boxes, portable media players, mobile internet devices, digital picture frames, digital media adapters, and eLearning devices. 

C7NR for Personal Navigation Systems (GPS) - approximately  $3
Offers operating system components for OEMs building personal navigation devices.

C7K for Network Attached Projectors - approximately  $12

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