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Windows Embedded 8 Standard - WES 8
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Windows Embedded 8 Standard (WES 8) is a modular operating system that provides enterprises and device manufacturers the freedom to choose which capabilities will be part of their industry devices and intelligent system solutions. Based on Windows 8, Windows Embedded 8 Standard features technologies to create rich, multi-touch experiences that keep customers engaged and employees informed and productive, as well as lockdown tools to ensure it's targeted, secure and consistent.

Top Features of Windows Embedded 8 Standard

  • Visually rich - Create rich line-of-business applications with the user-friendly appearance of Windows 8 style apps. Custom branding feature allows you to customize the entire look and feel of your device.
  • Secure and reliable - Protection from malware and unauthorized attempts to access devices with Trusted Boot, Bitlocker, Windows Defender and other security measures.
  • Modular and flexible - Leverage special-purpose devices to meet your unique needs through the modular platform format, supporting the right level of granularity with more than 150 intuitive feature packages.
  • Targeted and consistent - Deliver a targeted experience and ensure consistent configuration with embedded specific lockdown features, such as Unified Write Filter, Gesture Filter and App Launcher.

Things OEMs can do with Windows Embedded 8 Standard (WES 8)

One Trusted Platform
With Windows Embedded 8 Standard, device manufacturers have access to familiar development tools such as Visual Studio 2012 and Expression Blend 5 that help reduce time to market. And support for a variety of security and anti-malware features ensures the solution is secure and stable. Features like Bitlocker and compatibility with a variety of anti-malware solutions help protect the integrity of the device and the data.

Other features, such as Windows Secure Boot and Hibernate-Once-Resume-Many protect the device during boot up to prevent the loading of unauthorized apps and to ensure that all devices start up consistently every time.

Create Differentiated Devices
The modular nature of Windows Embedded 8 Standard provides OEMs with the flexibility to tailor their solutions precisely to the customer’s needs, with each component addressing a variety of aspects of the platform—including the bootable core, Windows functionality, industry-specific needs, the launching of custom shells and the use of write filters and lockdown features.

Other customization tools include the Image Builder Wizard and Image Configuration Editor, both of which enable you to omit unwanted functionality and reduce the solution’s exposure to attack. And with Windows Embedded 8 Standard’s support for Windows 8 apps, you have the ability to create a solution that extends the Windows 8 experience into industry devices and intelligent system solutions.

Extend Business Intelligence
Windows Embedded 8 Standard provides connectivity options that allow for a variety of industry device scenarios, including connections to remote and mobile devices. Devices can be “connection aware,” remaining connected whether awake or in hibernation mode across a range of supported connectivity options, such as NFC, USB 3.0, Bluetooth LE and WiFi direct.

And with the enhanced support for sensory input, you can create solutions that improve your customers’ awareness of working conditions and give them the ability to synthesize input for a more complete understanding of conditions. Windows Embedded 8 Standard is also compatible with Microsoft Identity and access-management solutions such as Active Directory and Group Policy, so companies can connect their specialized devices to their corporate network and generate deeper levels of business and operational intelligence.

Sample Intelligent Devices Using Windows Embedded 8 Standard

  • Automated manufacturing solutions – increase efficiency and gain greater insight into plant conditions, supply-chain levels and product quality with automated solutions for manufacturing.
  • Kiosks – drive self-directed shopping experiences by providing customers with accurate gift registry, pricing and store credit-card billing information.
  • Digital signage – From building brand awareness, to influencing customer purchase decisions, digital signage promotes a guided customer experience.
  • Thin clients – Provide financial services workers with real-time access to transaction-related information, while ensuring secure, centralized control of the customer’s funds.


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Windows Embedded 8 Standard (WES 8)

License Type Part Number Part Description
EMBEDDED 7WT-00094-1PK Windows Embedded Standard 8 EMB ESD OEI Runtime
Windows Embedded 8 Standard WES 8 Windows 8 intelligent system intelligent devices automated manufacturing kiosks digital signage thin clients