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Windows XP Embedded - WES XP
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Windows XP Embedded is the embedded operating system delivering the power of Windows in componentized form, helping embedded developers to rapidly build reliable and advanced embedded devices. Based on the same binaries as Windows XP Professional, Windows XP Embedded enables embedded developers to choose from over 10,000 individual feature components to achieve optimum functionality in a reduced footprint.

Componentized Features of Windows XP Embedded

Windows XP Embedded helps provide reliability, security enhancements, and performance along with the latest multimedia and Web browsing capabilities and extensive device support. Furthermore, as part of Microsoft's commitment to keep the embedded marketplace up to date with the latest Windows technologies, Windows XP Embedded includes componentized features and technologies from Windows XP Professional. Windows XP Embedded also incorporates the latest embedded-enabling capabilities, supporting multiple boot, storage, deployment and management technologies.

Rapid Time to Market
Windows XP Embedded helps you to reduce time-to-market by taking advantage of a familiar programming model and a powerful set of tools.

  • Windows Embedded Studio Platform Development Tools
  • Application Development Tools
  • Use Commodity PC Hardware and Desktop Software

Reliable Platforms
Windows XP Embedded supports a vast array of features that help provide for reliable, secure and dependable embedded devices.

  • Robust platform - improved code protection, device driver rollback, driving signing and I/O throttling.
  • High-performance platform - accelerated boot and log-on process, resource management, pre-emptive multi-tasking architecture, enterprise-class security, security configuration manager.
  • Embedded Stability

Differences between Windows XP Embedded & Windows XP Professional

Windows XP Embedded helps bring the stability, security, and the rich feature set of Microsoft Windows XP Professional to embedded devices. Windows-based applications can run on Windows XP Embedded, and embedded application developers can use the Windows API set to write applications, just like Windows XP Professional developers do.

However, there are differences between Windows XP Embedded and Windows XP Professional. Most importantly, Windows XP Embedded is engineered for embedded devices, and to support the work of the application developers and OEMs who build embedded devices. Windows XP Embedded provides solutions to support embedded scenarios, including point-of-sale devices, Windows-based terminals, and kiosks.

Componentization makes it easy to build fixed-function devices, and to reduce the footprint of a target run-time image. You can use Windows XP Embedded to build a run-time image that includes only the Windows components that your device requires. As long as you include the required dependencies in your run-time image, you can maintain the application compatibility that you need to run your applications.

Componentization also makes it easier to reduce security risks by designing run-time operating systems with limited surface area. The smaller the footprint of your run-time image, the smaller the surface area of the operating system. Less surface area means less risk of intrusion. For example, if you do not require networking capabilities, you can exclude networking components from your run-time image.


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Windows XP Embedded (WES XP)

License Type Part Number Part Description
EMBEDDED G80-00005 Windows XP Embed EMB ESD OEI Runtime
EMBEDDED G81-00065 Windows XP Embed Target Designer Toolkit EMB English
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Windows XP Embedded WES XP