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Windows Embedded 8 Pro - FES 8
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Windows Embedded 8 Pro delivers the full power of the Windows 8 operating system in a version designed specifically for industry devices within intelligent systems. Gain improvements in power management, connectivity and enterprise integration with a Windows 8-based intelligent system that advances business growth.

Top Features in Window Embedded 8 Pro

  • Rich user interface - Support new device experiences that use Windows technologies like modern style apps with touch interaction by harnessing the full power of Windows 8 Pro.
  • Intuitive applications - Equip employees with critical access to information via rich, intuitive Windows 8 style apps that reduce training time and deliver lasting competitive advantage.
  • Single management solution - Integrate industry devices into identity and access management solutions, gaining all the potential of a network of devices without the additional overhead of IT management.
  • Secure and reliable - Support for a range of anti-malware solutions; BitLocker for easy hardware recovery, hard drive encryption and protection from cold-boot attacks; and support for VPN capability for secure data transfer.

Things OEMs can do with Windows Embedded 8 Pro (FES 8)

One Trusted Platform
Windows Embedded 8 Pro provides all of the capabilities of Windows 8 Pro in a version designed specifically for industry devices within intelligent systems. Support for industry standards and familiar development tools—such as Visual Studio 2012 and Expression Blend 5—will help device manufacturers accelerate time to market. Windows Embedded 8 Pro is also compatible with off-the-shelf line of business applications, increasing the likelihood of your solution working with a customer’s existing technology.

Create Multi-Touch & Sensory Input Devices
Take your solution into the next generation of device experiences. Windows Embedded 8 Pro supports the rich, multi-touch experience of Windows 8, giving you access to all of the tools you need to create a touch-first app experience. You can also incorporate the skeletal-tracking technology of Kinect for Windows, which opens the door to new usage scenarios. Windows Embedded 8 Pro also provides support for multi-sensory input and sensory fusion, offering device manufacturers new opportunities to offer customers benefits from new streams of data.

Extend Business Intelligence
Give your customers more than a device solution. Provide an end-to-end intelligent system that connects their devices to the cloud, where they can get a better sense of what’s happening on their plant floor, in the backroom or at the point of service. Windows Embedded 8 Pro provides support for network connections using a variety of methods—USB 3.0, NFC, Bluetooth LE and WiFi Direct. This allows you to build more efficient devices that are always available for customers. And with systems and services such as Windows Embedded Server and Microsoft SQL Server, you can deliver a smart, end-to-end solution.

Sample Windows Embedded 8 Pro Devices

  • Kiosks – Drive self-directed shopping experiences by providing customers with accurate gift registry, pricing and store credit-card billing information.
  • Medical Devices – sonograms and other medical devices enable doctors to monitor a baby’s health in utero and send images to researchers in real-time via a wireless network.
  • Digital Signage – when combined with Kinect for Windows, digital signage creates a larger-than-life interactive experience that draws the customer in and generates data for your business.
  • HMI (human machine device) – these devices allow you to monitor automated processes, such as manufacturing, to safeguard against diminished product quality or equipment breakdowns.


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Windows Embedded 8 Pro

License Type Part Number Part Description
EMBEDDED 42C-00051-1PK Win Pro Embedded 8 EMB
EMBEDDED 42C-00075-1PK Win Pro Embedded 8.1 EMB MultiLang ESD OEI
Windows Embedded 8 Pro FES 8 for embedded systems