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Welcome to the new way to work together. The next version of SharePoint introduces new ways to share your work and work with others, organize your projects and teams and discover people and information.

Features of SharePoint 2013


  • Put social to work - Share ideas, discover answers and keep track of what your colleagues are working with new social features throughout SharePoint.
  • Share your stuff - Publish content to SharePoint from any Office application and share with people inside and outside your organization in a few simple clicks.
  • Take SharePoint on the go - Share documents, update your activity feed and keep in touch with your colleagues from your mobile phone or tablet.


  • Keep projects on track - Organize all your projects and tasks to get visibility into upcoming deliverables across SharePoint, Outlook and Microsoft Project.
  • Keep your team connected - Set up a new team site in minutes track meeting notes and bring together all your team's email and documents in one place.
  • Store and sync your docs - Sync your content in SharePoint to your desktop with SkyDrive Pro, so docs are just a mouse click away, even if you're offline.


  • Find experts you never knew existed - Connect with people across your organization and easily discover interests, past projects and documents they've worked on.
  • Discover insights and answers - Turn raw data into gorgeous interactive reports with Excel 2013 and publish to SharePoint to share insights with the people you work with.
  • Find what you're looking for - Customize and narrow your search to deliver more relevant results, and get recommendations on people and documents to follow.


  • Build apps in the cloud - Build apps on common web technologies like JavaScript, HTML and oAuth with the new Cloud App Model for SharePoint.
  • Publish apps to the SharePoint store - Make your apps available to everyone to try and buy through the public Store or only available to your employees through the corporate catalog.
  • Build eye-catching sites - Use familiar design tools and flexible controls to create dynamic intranet and internet sites to share your organization's vision with everyone.


  • Manage costs - Reduce your infrastructure costs and extend the boundaries of sharing by running SharePoint in the cloud with Office 365.
  • Manage risk - New archiving, eDiscovery and case management capabilities extend across SharePoint, Exchange and Lync.
  • Manage your time - Spend more time delivering innovation and less time managing infrastructure with advances in SharePoint scale, performance and management capabilities.

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SharePoint 2013

License Type Part Number Part Description
VOLUME 76P-01501 SharePoint Server 2013 SNGL OLP NL
VOLUME 76M-01513 SharePoint Std CAL 2013 SNGL OLP NL Device CAL
VOLUME 76M-01518 SharePoint Std CAL 2013 SNGL OLP NL User CAL
VOLUME 76N-03699 SharePoint Ent CAL 2013 SNGL OLP NL Device CAL (Requires both Std & Ent CAL)
VOLUME 76N-03701 SharePoint Ent CAL 2013 SNGL OLP NL User CAL (Requires both Std & Ent CAL)
ISV 76P-01470 SharePoint Server 2013 ALNG Emb MVL
ISV 76M-01434 SharePoint Std CAL 2013 ALNG Emb MVL Device CAL
ISV 76M-01435 SharePoint Std CAL 2013 ALNG Emb MVL User CAL
ISV 76N-03611 SharePoint Ent CAL 2013 ALNG Emb MVL Device CAL (Requires both Std & Ent CAL)
ISV 76N-03612 SharePoint Ent CAL 2013 ALNG Emb MVL User CAL (Requires both Std & Ent CAL)
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