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Microsoft Project 2013
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Microsoft Project Standard 2013

Project Standard 2013 gives you new and easier ways to keep projects organized and on track. Take advantage of flexible features that help you get started and make you more efficient and productive. Easily create modern reports to measure progress and communicate project details effectively with your team and stakeholders.

With Project Standard 2013, you can:

  • Easily plan & manage your projects with intuitive controls and flexible team tools to help your organization deliver the intended business value.
  • Be efficient and prioritize by aggregating everyday work, project tasks, important details, and timelines in a visually rich and contextual interface.
  • Deliver effective presentations that offer immediate insight into task planning, resource allocation, cost efficiencies, and the many important details of your projects.
  • Explore the Office Store to quickly innovate with flexible options to customize and extend out-of-the-box capabilities.

Microsoft Project Professional 2013

Project Professional 2013 gives you powerful new ways to effectively manage important projects. Unlock easy collaboration capabilities to quickly start and deliver winning projects while leveraging the power of SharePoint to work from virtually anywhere. Make communication instantaneous through seamless integration of Lync 2013 to call or instant message team members from Project Professional. Extend Project’s functionality with Apps for Office to meet your specific business needs.

In addition to the Project Standard features above, with Project Professional 203 you can:

  • Manage anywhere with tools to keep you connected with your team and on top of your projects while you’re on the go.
  • Anticipate Change with forward-looking views into the everyday work going into your projects and the resources needed to get that work done
  • Work seamlessly across tools to help everyone on your team work together with the information they need to be successful.
  • Communicate in real time with team members down the hall or across the globe with tools designed to transmit your critical conversations quickly and securely.


Compare Project Management Features

Project Standard 2013

Project Professional 2013

Quickly start projects with enhanced visual experience and an array of new project templates

Keep projects on track by discovering critical task paths and resolve potential scheduling problems

Create easily customizable out-of-the-box reports

Explore the Office Store to extend capabilities with flexible apps

Manage resources using drag and drop


Call or instant message team members from within Project (requires Lync integration, sold separately)


Collaborate with others from virtually anywhere (requires SharePoint and Project Online or Project Server 2013, all sold separately)


Grow capabilities with the power of unified project and portfolio management (requires Project Online or Project Server 2003, sold separately)



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Project 2013

License Type Part Number Part Description
VOLUME 076-05334 Project 2013 SNGL
VOLUME H30-04073 Project Pro 2013 with 1 Project Server CAL
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