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Highly reliable and easy to use, Windows CE 6.0 offers endless possibilities to developers. Windows CE 6.0 is a low-cost operating system designed for small footprint devices, ranging from power-conscious GPS handhelds to real-time, mission-critical industrial controllers.

Platform Builder for Windows Embedded CE

OEMs using Windows Embedded CE often utilize a software tool called Platform Builder to create a version of the operating system specific to their hardware. Platform Builder includes and works as part of Visual Studio 2005, a software suite frequently used by OEMs to create custom software for devices.

Design a Custom UI & Application with Windows CE

One of the primary concerns of OEMs is the need to make the device as easy to use as possible. The latest release of Windows Embedded CE 6.0 (R3) includes the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), which now makes it possible for OEMs to design Human Machine Interfaces using Microsoft Expression Blend.

This means that the user interface (UI) can be designed and created concurrently with the application software, dramatically reducing time to market. The UI can be easily altered and independently customized from the underlying application code. This allows designers to respond to user feedback and make the end product as intuitive and simple to use as possible. In addition, OEMs can include CE versions of Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player, a viewer for Microsoft Office and PDF files.

Board Support Packages for Windows Embedded CE

Because CE is highly componentized and uses drivers that are different from those used by Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7, it is necessary to begin design by using a Board Support Package (BSP) that includes the necessary drivers specific to the hardware the OEM plans to use. Many manufactures of single-board computers have BSPs readily available and most OEMs creating their own systems based on a supported processor start their designs using evaluation hardware and an accompanying BSP offered by the processor manufacturer or a third party software provider.


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Windows CE 6.0 (Requires Purchase of Platform Builder Toolkit)

License Type Part Number Part Description
EMBEDDED 814-00336 WinCE Platform Builder 6.0 W/R3 EMB English ESD OEI DVD ($995)
EMBEDDED ZH5-00019 Windows CE Core 6.0 EMB ESD OEI Core Runtime
EMBEDDED TNA-00004 Windows CE Core PLUS 6.0 EMB ESD OEI Core PLUS Runtime
EMBEDDED 884-00341 Windows CE Pro 6.0 EMB ESD OEI Pro Runtime
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