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activation - In order for some OS's to be permanently installed, the system needs to contact Microsoft over the internet and verify that the installed software is legal and not a pirated copy.

ALP - Additional Licensing Provisions - now ALT

ALT - Additional License Terms - Product family specific license terms which supersede any conflicting language in the CLA (See APM)

API - Application Programming Interface - Software that allows tailored softare applications to be written.

APM - Associated Product Material - materials delivered with the CLA (includes AlT or ALP)

Application - Software written for a specific task.

ARA - Additional Rights Agreements ("ARAs") provide OEM Customers with additional license grants, above and beyond the rights granted in the OEM CLA, in relation to the manufacturing and distribution of Embedded Systems that include MS Product.

ARM - Advanced RISC Machine - 32 bit processor compatible with Windows Embedded CE

BART - Billing and Accounts Receivable Tracking - part of MOO

Binaries - The "1"s and "0"s that make up a particular piece of software

CALs - Client Access License - a License sold in conjunction with server software that allows clients to connect and use the server's software services.

CDMA - Code Division Multiple Access - Mobile phone standard

CLA - The Microsoft OEM Customer License Agreement for Embedded Systems ("OEM CLA") is the agreement that an OEM Customer must sign in order to license MS Products through the distribution channel

COA - Certificate of Authenticity - Sticker or label showing that the Windows OS is legal

DPM - Data Protection Manager - feature on storage server

ECE - Mobile and Embedded Communications Extranet (ECE) is the website for Embedded customers with a CLA and Embedded distributors.

Enterprise - Embedded Enterprise refers to the non-componentized versions of the XP and Vista operating systems for use on fixed-function or dedicated embedded systems.

FBA - First Boot Agent (FBA) completes the run-time image build process by running a sequence of tasks on the target system, such as Plug and Play device detection, security installation, and network configuration.

FES - "For Embedded Systems " - This is now known as Embedded Enterprise

Footprint - Amount of memory required to hold

GPRS - General Packet Radio Services - Mobile phone standard

GSM - Global System for Mobile - Mobile phone standard

GUI - Graphical User Interface

HORM - Hibernate-Once-Resume -Many - feature wit embedded OS that enables it to start-up faster

IAG - Intelligent Application Gateway - type of fixed-function server

IE - Internet Explorer - Microsoft's "browser" software for looking at the internet

Image - Refers to the complete set of information stored (typlically) on a hard drive.

IP - Intellectual Property

ISA - Internet Security and Acceleration

Kernel - the central component of an operating systems

KVM - Keyboard-Video-Mouse

MBSA - Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer

Media - CD or DVD disks holding software

MOO - Microsoft OEM Online- web site allows OEM customers to efficiently transact business with

MS - Microsoft - "MS" is how Microsoft refers to itself in presentations

MSDN - Microsoft Developer Network

MSDN Subscription - Microsoft Developer Network- purchased developer agreement with Microsoft that includes software downloads

MUI - Multi-Language User Interface - plug-in for changing the User Interface to support various languages

Native - Not require additional software; i.e. CE is Natively Real-Time, XP is not

OA - OEM Activation

ODM - Original Design Manufacturer

OEM - Original Equipment Manufacturer

OM - Outsource Manufacturer

OOBE - Out-Of-Box Experience - the experience a user has when installing and/or performing initial configuration on a piece of hardware or software.

OPK - OEM Pre-installation Kit - No-charge tool for creating an OS image

OS - Operating System

RDP - Remote Desktop Protocol

Recovery CD (media) - A CD or DVD that the end user can use to restore the original Image to the system

Recovery Image - a copy of the Image as originally installed on the OEM Customer
�s Embedded System.

RTOS - Real-Time Operating System

Runtime License - This is the "deliverable" sold to the end customer

Service Pack - An update to an existing OS

SH4 - Processor capible of running CE (but not XP or Embedded Standard)

Shell - The user interface or menu displayed to the user. The standard shell for XP is the desktop with the blue taskbar at the bottom with the "start" button.

SI - System Integrator

SLT - Software License Terms - End user license agreement language Microsoft requires be shipped with the product.

SUS - Server Update Services

Thin Client - Lower powered computer or terminal that delivers users content from a more powerful connected Server

TPIS - Third Party Integrator Schedule - agreement allowing a third party to purchase Microsoft on behalf of an OEM

TPSP - Third Party Software Provider

UI - User Interface - What the end user sees when they interact with a system

Visual Studio - Software design suite for developing applications. CE 's Platform Builder is a plug-in to Visual Studio 2005

VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol

WEPOS - Windows Embedded Point of Service - Embedded OS designed using XP Embedded for Point of Service (uses an OPK)

WMP - Windows Media Player - Microsoft's Multimedia (music and video) viewer and nmanagement software that comes with Windows

WPF - Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides developers with a unified programming model for building rich Windows smart client user experiences that incorporate UI, media, and documents.

WSDAPI - Web Services on Devices

WUDSS - Windows Unified Data Storage Server

X86 - 32-bit processor (typical processor found in a PC)

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