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Making Embedded Systems More Secure with Windows Embedded Standard 7

Avnet's Microsoft Technical Advisor, John Lisherness recently wrote an article for January 2011 issue of RTC magazine. Below is an excerpt. To read the entire article visit

Microsoft's Windows Embedded Business supplies OEMs with platforms and technologies for embedded systems. Released in the spring of 2010, Windows Embedded Standard 7 delivers the power, familiarity and reliability of the Windows 7 operating system in a highly customizable and componentized form. Windows Embedded Standard 7 is available in three versions: "C",, "E", and "P",. The "C", version is targeted at the consumer entertainment set-top box market. The "E", version has features most users of Windows are familiar with such as Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player and Remote Desktop Protocol. Windows Embedded Standard 7's "P", version adds many features, including Multi-touch support, BranchCache, Windows Media Center, AppLocker, BitLocker and DirectAccess. The focus here is on BitLocker and DirectAccess and how they can be used to enhance the security of embedded systems.