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Windows Embedded Server, also known as Windows Server for Embedded Systems, provides the basis for deploying solutions with primary functionality determined by the OEM’s embedded application. Such solutions are ideal for a multitude of scenarios such as: retail, medical, security & surveillance, industrial automation and others.

Dedicated server appliance solutions that run Windows Embedded Server products can help OEMs develop preconfigured hardware and software solutions, systems designed to quickly connect to existing IT infrastructures, licensing and engineering to reduce TCO while ensuring reliable performance and manageability.

Windows Embedded Server operates in the same way as other Windows Server versions. Since OEMs pay only for features in the version of Server they choose, the cost for Windows Embedded Server is often substantially less.

Unlike other Server versions, Embedded Server has certain licensing restrictions that specify how the systems are to be used. These restrictions ensure that OEMs create a product that does not use the server operating system as a general-purpose server platform, but as a dedicated embedded server appliance.

Reasons to Use Windows Embedded Server vs. General Purpose Servers

  • Optimal Pricing – Pay only for the functionality used
  • Longer product support – Products are supported for a minimum of 5 years, with 5 mainstream and 5 extended
  • Guaranteed availability – Products are guaranteed to be available for 15 years from release

There are several different versions of Embedded Server, including:  

Windows Embedded Server 2012 R2

Windows Embedded Server 2012 - including Datacenter, Standard, Essentials and Telecommunications

Windows Embedded Server 2008 R2

Windows Storage Server


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Windows Embedded Server