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Activation and COAs


Unlike Windows Embedded Standard, the componentized version of XP and Windows7, the For Embedded Systems (FES) versions require individual system activation*.

The unique Product ID (PID) or activation key is a 5X5 combination of letters and numbers (XX111- XX111-XX111-XX111) printed on the sticker known as the "Certificate of Authenticity" (COA) as pictured below.   

*individual system activation for FES can only be bypassed via OEM Activation (OA), which requires a volume purchase and the appropriate hardware and BIOs modifications. 

Each runtime license envelope has a "Break the Seal" (BTS) Agreement. Breaking the seal to open the envelope signifies that the Embedded OEM Customer accepts the terms and conditions of the LTs. Once the seal is broken, the runtimes cannot be sent back to Avnet or Microsoft. Printed versions of the ALTs are attached to the front of the runtime license envelope. However, a copy of these documents can also be obtained from Avnet's Microsoft team or downloaded from the Microsoft Mobile & Embedded Communications Extranet (ECE).

Runtime envelope back     Runtime Envelope Front


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