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Also known as Windows For Embedded Systems or FES, the Windows Embedded Enterprise versions of popular standard operating systems are available for OEMs who need to use the same drivers and software used on the non-embedded versions of the OS.

OEMs creating dedicated-function systems that run on selected versions of XP, Vista or Windows 7 can use Windows Embedded Enterprise versions of those operating systems. These versions are guaranteed to be available well beyond the non-embedded versions.

Windows Embedded Enterprise Restricted Usage

The Windows Embedded Enterprise versions of XP, Vista and Windows7 are technically identical to the standard versions of the same OS but come with restricted usage terms. In order to operate properly, the system must:

  • Have the OS pre-loaded
  • Cannot be used as a “general purpose” PC
  • Have an embedded application
  • Boot into an embedded application or an shell (desktop) other than the one that comes with the non-embedded OS

One advantage of deploying systems with FES is that the OEM is allowed to create and ship a recovery disk with their systems. This allows the end  users or field technicians to restore the entire hard drive back to the way it was when it shipped, re-installing both the OS and application software. This can dramatically decrease the need to ship the entire system back to the OEM for repair.

Windows Embedded Enterprise Operating Systems


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