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OEM Activation (OA)


To be able to use OEM Activation (OA), the OEM must commit to purchasing 1,000 of the “For Embedded Systems” versions of Windows within twelve months.
For Vista and Windows 7 FES OA, the OEM must purchase and use a Hardware Security Module (HSM) available from Thales to create markers that are placed into the firmware (BIOs tables) of the motherboard that the OEM intends to use with the pre-activated OS. The HSM is a PCI or PCIe card that is installed in a PC that generates the Windows markers that are to be placed in the BIOs. The HSM also creates a file that the OEM submits to Microsoft to get a product ID that will mesh with the keys in the BIOs and pre-activate the OS. Thales (formerly nCypher) is the only authorized source for HSMs. 

OEM Activation (OA) requires that the BIOs contain the generated OA markers. The OEM should make sure that the motherboard manufacturer is ablve. to insert the markers into the motherboard’s BIOs.


To learn more about OEM Activation (OA), Contact your Avnet Representative.

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