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WES does not require that an activation key be entered for each system.

WES can be configured to consistently boot quickly using Hibernate Once Resume Many (HORM), and valuable data can be protected from accidental corruption using Enhanced Write Filtering (EWF) and File Based Write Filter (FBWF). EWF and FBWF protect data on the storage media from corruption or tampering by using a RAM overlay to be written to instead of the hard drive. With EWF in place, the system can experience an abrupt loss of power and, because the system is writing to RAM instead of the volume that contains the OS, the OS is protected from a hard-drive power-down corruption. Systems using EWF can also use HORM. HORM allows the system to boot at a fraction of the normal boot time using the EWF protected volume and a hyberfile. The system not only boots faster, but the boot time never changes.  

As far as application software is concerned, applications that run on FES7 will run on WES7 as long as all packages that the application has dependencies on are included in the image build. The image is built using a toolkit that inspects the target hardware and collects the required drivers. With the toolkit one can selectively add or remove elements to make the image more secure.

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