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With POSReady, a single activation key can be entered into the image the first time it boots. With this done, the configured operating system can be sysprepped, copied and installed onto any number of systems and the systems will never have to be individually activated.

With Windows Embedded Standard, a single activation key can be obtained from Microsoft that can be pre-installed into the system's image. With this done, the configured operating system can be installed onto any number of systems and the systems will never have to be individually activated.


 The Mobile and Embedded Communications Extranet (ECE) is the website for Microsoft Embedded customers and distributors where they can access announcements and download licensing documents and product updates.

Ordinarily, Microsoft Embedded is delivered pre-installed on systems. However, OEMs have the ability to have Microsoft Embedded installed on systems that are already deployed by way of a "Field Upgrade" license.

"Migration Rights" enable OEMs to purchase a newer OSs runtime license yet temporarily  deploy the system with a older OS (for example, purchase Windows Embedded Standard 7 runtimes but deploy the systems with XP Embedded installed).  

Field Upgrades  allow OEMs to install Microsoft Embedded to systems that are already field deployed. The cost for upgrade runtimes is the same as the full runtime but have differnt part numbers. Field upgrades require an additional agreement between the OEM and Microsoft.
Migration Rights allow OEMs to purchase newer Embedded runtimes (like WES7 ) but install an older Embedded image (like XP Embedded) with the ability to upgrade the deployed system's image to the newer version at a later date at no additional cost.

"OEM Activation" (OA) allows OEMs to pre-activate licensed copies of Windows Embedded OSs at their factory and eliminate the activation process.
OA can be used to pre-activate the For Embedded Systems versions of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and the Embedded versions of Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

An Outsource Manufacturer (OM) is a third party that the OEM can contract to do any of the following: Install an Image on an Embedded System Manufacture an Embedded System Prepare the Embedded System for distribution Distribute Embedded Systems.
A Third Party Integrator (TPI) is a company that the OEM can engage with to create and/or test an Image, applications, or software drivers for the OEM systems using Microsoft Embedded products.

Outsource Manufacturers and Third Party Integrators must be pre-approved by Microsoft.

OEMs using Windows Embedded are permitted to create media for image recovery, update or field upgrade. Creating a disk with the Microsoft Windows binaries is not allowed for non-embedded Windows.